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    Find it EZ searches your entire application in a single pass.  This demo will show you how you can:

    • quickly assess the impact of a proposed change, and
    • how to effectively work with search results
    by completing a dependency scan across all parts of a typical multi-tier application.

    Like most enterprise applications, Weigh Easy has source code in several languages, uses multiple databases, and contains reports, all of which need to be scanned.  A Find it EZ project has been created to search Web Development files, Visual Basic source code, Crystal Reports, and SQL Server and DB2 databases.

    In this sample application, a SQL Server database is used for Online Transaction Processing and a DB2 database is used as a data warehouse. To expedite searching and elimate false-positive matches, we will demonstrate how to prevent a set of conversion tables form being searched unnecessarily.

    Right Clicking SQL Server/Azure will open the settings for this database connection. Clicking Data and then clicking Refresh lists all the available tables. Add all the tables, and then click the first table beginning with old_. Scroll to the last table beginning with old, hold Shift and click it, then remove those tables.  Make sure that the Scan a subset of tables option is enabled to search only the tables listed on the left.

    In this example, a proposed change the the SalesOrderItem table is being considered.   A Find it EZ boolean search for this item across the entire application reveals exactly 203 potentially impacted matches.

    Highlighting the Crystal Reports result with a single click will cause the line matches to be listed in the Details panel below.  Double Clicking the same item in the results panel will automatically open the file in Crystal Reports by default, unless an alternate editor is selected.

    Double clicking a Visual Basic result item will automatically open the matching file for editing in Visual Studio.  To change the default editor that opens this result type, right click the result item, and click Settings.  Under the Open results With section, chose Selected Application and use the file browser to right of the text box or type the path and executable name of yrou desired editor such as Notepad.exe.  Double clicking a Visual Basic result item will now open the Visual Basic code file in Notepad.

    In the same way you can select scan source items to filter what is to be scanned before a search, clearing a scan source item’s checkbox following completion of a search will automatically remove associated items from your results.  This can be used to create a list containing only Database related items to assign to your DBA for example.

    In our example, simply clear the Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, and Website Development options under Scan Sources.  Re-selecting these options will re-display search results of these types.

    Clicking a SQL Server Data result item lists all of it’s matches in the Details panel.  Double clicking any one the details will open Find it EZ’s Data Grid Viewer, which allows you to view, but not modify the data.  Double clicking the result item in the Results panel will open a SQL SELECT statement in your default database editor.   This script can then be executed against a live database connection to give you full read and write access to the data.

    Clicking a DB2 stored procedure result item displays all lines containing matches in the Details panel.  Double clicking one of these details launches the Find it EZ Code Viewer so that you can view the highlighted matches in full context.  Clicking Next, Previous, Last and First allows you to quickly navigate between lines containing matching text.  The code viewer also features a search function to find any in-file text.  Clicking the arrows to the right will navigate between each substring matching the text you type in the find-in-file textbox.

    After completing any changes that may have been necessary for a result item, or if a result is determined to be a false positive match, you can remove the item from the Results panel by right clicking the result, and clicking Remove.  In this way, Find it EZ serves as a powerful, interactive change management tool.

    Click File, Print, List, and click Summary to create a checklist matching the results panel.  This will automatically display an HTML page in your default browser and prompt you to print this page using your default printer.  You may save the file from your web browser.

    Additional reports and other export options are also available under the File menu.

    For more information about Find it EZ, visit  To download your free trial, go to  Harness the power of over 10 years of expert development and find what you’ve been missing!

    Thank you for watching.

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