Change Impact Anaylsis for Business Intelligence Reports

  • What is Find it EZ?

    A patented change impact analysis tool for Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, SSRS, BI Platforms and underlying SQL databases.

    It's like Google for your entire report code stack.

    Database Change Planning  What can it search?
  • How does it work?

    Search all of your source code files, databases, reports, documentation, logs and data at once to produce pinpoint accurate software change lists

    SAP Crystal Reports See product demos
  • How will it help me?

    • Improve productivity, Save time & money: All-inclusive impact analysis
    • Expedite support with live database scans: Connect to and search relational database SQL code, data or schema, even in the cloud
    • Improve quality, Bug free updates: Never miss another required change
    • Produce accurate estimates: Clearly defined project scope
  • How will it help me?

    Business Intelligence Report Maintenance

    The DBA is changing the data model, what reports will be affected?

    SAP Crystal Reports - Dependency Analysis
    • Save 40% to 80% on change impact analysis effort
    • Scan your entire report library* in seconds for SQL code snippets or specific database object references with fast, accurate results
    • Extract all SQL code to easily convert between report vendors or move queries into your database
    • Support for Crystal Reports, SAP Dashboards, Oracle Reports and Microsoft SSRS.
  • How will it help me?

    Database Administration / Development

    You need to know exactly who and what will be affected for every data model change.

    Edit Database - Database Changes
    • SQL code can be in the database, embedded in programming language or your Crystal Report files. Find it EZ can search it all
    • Quickly pinpoint the exact source of a poor performing SQL statement located anywhere in OR outside of the database
    • Support for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, SQL Anywhere and more.
  • How will it help me?

    Report Library Documentation

    You need to document and manage all changes before they go live to ensure code quality & corporate standards are adhered to.

    Report - Bulk Documentation
    • Detailed Report Definition documents for Crystal, SSRS or Oracle Report libraries produced in seconds
    • No database connections required to generate ANSI SQL standard "Show SQL Query" statements for an entire library of Crystal Reports
    • Extract all SQL statements to Excel spreadsheets from any of your report files with build in wizards.
  • How will it help me?

    Change Impact Analysis / Project Management

    You need to determine the scope of a requested change, quickly and accurately.

    Analysis - Project Estimates
    • Average savings of 40% and as high as 80% on change impact analysis
    • Development team productivity increases of up to 15% annually
    • Objective and complete change lists to support your estimate reviews with stakeholders
    • ROI with a single use... in as little as a week!
  • Search, Document, Replace, Backup & Compare

    • Setup is fast and easy you'll be running your first search in seconds
    • Secure with no extra configuration leverage existing user permissions
    • Real results that improve your workflow and productivity
    • There is no risk to try Find it EZ
    Crystal Report Analysis  Free Trial
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Compare editions, use our online solution finder or product selection flowchart to decide which one is right for you?

Pro Desktop

  • for small business and individual users.
  • Search, document and mass change datasource connections in Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports and Microsoft SSRS files.
  • Direct scanning of all major relational databases and cloud databases.
  • Save, print or export and share search results, add annotations, interactive to do lists.

 15 day trial  $369/user

Pro Server

  • for small workgroups or virtual network environments.
  • Offers same features as Pro Desktop edition with multi-user support for Citrix XEN or Windows Terminal Server.
  • Sold in 5 concurrent user access packs. Users connect to a central server over Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

 30 day trial  $2499 for 5 CAL

365 Enterprise

  • for power users and teams in medium to large organizations.
  • Compare database schema, code files or reports with drill down side-by-side viewer highlighting all differences.
  • Extract reports and schedule meta-data from SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and Micosoft Reporting servers.
  • Backup SAP BI Platform published documents and universes.
  • Integration with all major version control systems, including git, TFS, Mercurial, SVN.

 30 day trial  $39/user/month

Sample documentation produced

  • Search Results Lists

    Produce Excel spreadsheets or color highlighted HTML documents to share change impact search results with your team.

    Export tasks with annotations to import directly into Microsoft Project.

    Search Results Lists Search Results Details Export MS Project Tasks
  • Comparing Databases, Files or Office Documents

    Mass compare changes to between database schema and code files to produce Excel spreadsheets or color highlighted HTML documents.

    Compare Results Listing Compare (Diff) Details
  • Report Definitions & Show SQL Queries

    With Find it EZ Code Search, all of the following sample Business Intelligence reports were generated in under 10 seconds! Bulk dependency scanning, SQL code extracts to facilitate migration and conversions, and instant documentation for your entire library of Crystal Report RPT files, without the need to connect to the underlying database.

    Want to try it for yourself?, download our fully functional trial along with the original XTREME sample RPT files directly from SAP or from our servers. Then use the Find it EZ "Reports" menu and built-in wizards to reproduce these results.

    Report Definitions Show SQL Queries
    Feature Examples\AccessibilityHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\AlertingHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\ChartHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\CrossTabHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\Custom FunctionsHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\GroupHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\Group By IntervalsHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\Group SelectionHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\Hierarchical GroupingHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\OLAP Cube ReportHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\PromptingHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\Record Selection on DateRangeHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Feature Examples\Running Totals GroupHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Combination Balance Sheet and Income StatementHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Consolidated Income StatementHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Current Period and YTD Cash FlowHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Dynamic Full Year Actual - ForecastHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Rolling Quarter Income StatementHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Sorted Variance Analysis ReportHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Trial BalanceHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    Financial\Variance Analysis ReportHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Employee ProfileHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Employee SalesHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Inventory CrossTabHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Mailing LabelHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Order Packing ListHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Order Processing Efficiency DashboardHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Product CatalogHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\Sales With Geographic MapHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
    General Business\World Sales ReportHTML   TXTHTML   TXT
  • SQL Code ( Column ) and Database Cross-References

    Bulk dependency scanning, comprehensive database cross reference documentation and SQL code extracts to facilitate migration and conversions for your entire library of Crystal RPT, Microsoft SSRS and Oracle RDL Report files, including the underlying database SQL statement details.

    Column Cross-Reference Details Database Cross-Reference Summary
  • Report Listing, SAP BusinessObjects and Microsoft SSRS Report Schedules & Security Listings

    Produce Excel spreadsheets to automatically document meta-data and manage all of your Crystal RPT, Microsoft SSRS and/or Oracle RDL reports with our built in Report Listing.

    Connect directly to BOE, Crystal or SQL Server repositories and extract lists for current schedules and security on all you Crystal Reports. Only available in Dev Surge 365 editions.

    Report Listing (xslx) Report Schedules (xslx) Security Listings (xslx)
    All Reports SAP BI Platform     Microsoft SSRS SAP BI Platform Reports     SAP BI Platform Users

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