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  • Pro Desktop

    Code Search Pro Desktop 2016 for small to medium business - individual users.

    Named User Licenses on Windows desktop.

    90 day SaaS subscription for extended fully unlocked evaluation or short term project use also available.

    • MPR certified for any Windows client O/S that can run .Net 4.5 ( Vista or newer )
    • Creates local SQLite source code index
    • Search Business Intelligence Crystal Reports, SAP Dashboards, Oracle reports and SSRS code files
    • Global Crystal Reports data source changes, set DSN table alias or mass re-verify
    • Search all major databases, dB schema and SQL code and database table data
    • Search Office documents Word, Excel and PDF
    • Associate custom file extensions to perform syntax aware searches by programming language
    • Annotate, save and share results
    • Instant Business Intelligence reports documentation
    • Extract embedded SQL code from Crystal Reports or Oracle reports
    • Produce database cross reference reports
    • Limited to a maximum of 1000 reports, 5000 database objects, 3000 program files and 500 documents per Find it EZ project. Unlimited number of projects.

    Version: 16.3.5    Released: Aug 5, 2016

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  • Pro Server

    Code Search Pro Server 2016 for medium to large business - virtual network workgroups.

    Concurrent Access Licenses hosted on a central server.

    All Code Search Pro Desktop features, plus:

    • MPR certified for any Windows Server that can run .Net 4.5 ( 2008 or newer )
    • Certified for hosting on Windows HyperV, VMWare or Citrix Server
    • Sold in 5 concurrent access user packs. Users connect to a central server over Remote or Virtual Desktop
    • Choice of real-time refresh or pre-indexed documents for improved search performance
    • Designed for small workgroups or virtual network environments

    Version: 16.3.5    Released: Aug 5, 2016

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  • 365 Enterprise

    Dev Surge 365 Enterprise 2016 for large business - workgroups, teams and power users.

    Named users on Windows desktops or servers with individual secure embedded index.

    All Code Search Pro Desktop and Server features, plus:

    • Compare code files, reports, database objects & filtered search results for version differences
    • Native connections to SAP BO/BI/Crystal Enterprise Server file repositories
      • Support for Crystal Server 2008 through 2016, BOE XI 3.x and Business Objects BI 4.x
      • Search and report on infoview security settings
      • Organized Excel spreadsheet listing of Crystal Report distribution schedules
    • Search all major software version control system databases:
      • Git, Perforce, Subversion, Team Foundation Server and Visual SourceSafe
    • Unlimited projects, unlimited files and database objects per project
    • Software as a Service licensing. Index hosted on a private local embedded SQLite database.
    • Runs on any Windows desktop or server O/S that supports .Net 4.5

    Version: 16.3.5    Released: Aug 5, 2016

    30 day free trial Download Now!

  • 365 Ultimate

    Dev Surge 365 Ultimate for large business - medium workgroups to large teams.

    Choice of concurrent or named user licenses. Scalable client-server architecture.

    All Dev Surge 365 Enterprise features, plus:

    • Search source file meta data ( by author, change date, etc. )
    • Advanced team collaboration with increased scalability
    • Share central index, projects, saved search results, annotations and to do lists between users
    • Scheduled offline index crawlers for optimal real-time search performance
    • Highly scalable to support an unlimited number of users, unlimited projects, unlimited objects
    • Software as a Service licensing. Server runs on Windows host with local or remote NoSQL database index. Clients run on any Windows system.
    • Also available in choice of Virtual Machine host or a dedicated pre-configured Network Appliance for ultimate scalability and tuned performance.

    Version: 16.4    Release Date: 4th QTR 2016

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  • Community

    Code Search Community Edition - for open source developers.

    A fully integrated software search tool featuring:

    • Boolean, Wildcard or REGEX search syntax
    • Search Java, C#, PHP and more
    • Search app logs and data files
    • Include/Exclude files and folders
    • Print or export results
    • Syntax highlighted code viewer
    • Save search settings by project
    • Customizable Windows .net client
    • Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins
    • Associate and run any file editor directly from search results

    Latest Version: 4.0.1    Released: May 6, 2012

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$ How Much Can We Save You?

Find it EZ Software Corp. is a global leader in developing and delivering productivity improvement tools for software developers. Award winning software developer tools that provide instant, comprehensive and pin-point accurate where-used results all in one place. Productivity tools that offers a new solution for crystal reports designers, database developers and software vendors to better manage release changes through every phase, from more accurate estimating, to optimal design selection, rapid development, improved code quality for smoother end-user roll out and expedited critical production support. Tools developed by Find it EZ support all major programming languages, reports and databases across an entire n-tier enterprise application with a single integrated package.

Productivity software tools with vendor certified support to search and document Crystal Reports, SSRS, Oracle Reports, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, DB2, InfoSystems Cache, SAP HANA, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, Cloud databases SQL Azure and Amazon RDS, Excel plus more for complete change impact analysis. Database developers can take advantage of afull software stack impact analysis tool that identifies all interrelated components whenever changes are planned or made in an underlying database.

By using our productivity software products, software developers benefit from -
  • Saving time and money by quickly searching all Crystal Reports, application source code, and/or databases with just one integrated software tool.
  • More accurate and efficient source code change management.
  • Ability to determine the exact scope and impact of planned changes.
  • Easily estimate the time required to complete a change and ensure better quality code releases.
  • Effective Risk Management, Resource Management and Cost Management.

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