Change Impact Analysis for Crystal Reports

Search, compare and document SAP Crystal Reports, including support for underlying databases.

Discover the Impact of Changes to your Crystal Reports, in Less Time.

Use Find-it-EZ Dev Surge 365 to pinpoint exactly where and which of your SAP Crystal Reports may be affected by changes to any of over 100 file formats and popular databases and avoid breaking any of your mission critical business reports, whenever underlying datasource changes are planned.

Why Choose Find-it-EZ?

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SAP Crystal Reports Data Dictionary

Find-it-EZ's patented technology was designed to create a universal meta-data dictionary for all major Business Intelligence platforms.

Use FinditEZ's integrated support for SAP Crystal Reports to:

1. see which data sources are used in which rpt files, main body or sub-reports.

2. understand the data lineage from source to report to section to group or formula.

3. replace data source connections across your entire SAP Crystal Reports library.

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Universal Search & Compare

Find-it-EZ lets you index meta-data from databases, static files, all major programming languages, BI reports, and office documents – literally over a hundred sources. This translates into major time savings as a complete data dictionary from each software project or environment is automatically refreshed, easily compared, switched between, reused.

Instantly create up-to-date database cross-reference documentation for all underlying SAP Crystal Reports report source tables, fields, views, procedures and SQL code.

Discover the impacts of changes anywhere and to every part of your software landscape, beyond SAP Crystal Reports yet potentially affecting your reporting delivery system, it's all integrated.

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Millions $aved!

Whenever changes are planned or made to the underlying database in any software application, it can be a challenge to find all referenced code that may be affected. Normally, each software layer or programming language would require time-consuming and disconnected analysis with a variety of independent tools.

Find-it-EZ's patented technology provides a full 360 degree view of the entire code-stack in a single integrated app. Using solutions from Find-it-EZ to manage their software changes, companies like Sprint, WestingHouse, the Mayo Clinic, Bloomberg, HighMark, and Pan American Life have reported increasing their software development team's productivity by 40 to 80%, directly translating into Millions saved annually!

“Our main goal was to find a utility to search Crystal Reports within our SAP Business Objects repository. For the same utility to also have the capability to search and document the underlying Microsoft SQL Server data source statements was a home run as the majority of our Crystal Reports run against database views and stored procedures.”

Melinda Kohorst, Sr. Systems Analyst, Pan-American Life Insurance Group
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We offer both a robust on-premise subscription model. Always current, update at your convenience, unlimited free support.
... or a limited features, perpetual license edition with optional annual support plans for product upgrades and access to unlimited support.
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FinditEZ Code Search Pro
Desktop Edition

Starting from

 Free Trial

Designed for small business: small workgroups, and individual users

Traditional perpetual named user licenses

Search and document local or network file systems for all supported document types

Native connections to all major databases

Generate meta-data reports on your reporting environment

Change or rebuild datasource connections across all or subset of reports

Support for 115+ file formats, databases and applications

Free unlimited technical support with an active support plan

Free online instructor-led training with an active support plan

Free software upgrades included with optional annual support plan @ $99/user

FinditEZ Dev Surge 365
Enterprise Edition

Starting from

 Free Trial

Designed for med-large business: workgroups, teams and power users

On premise SaaS subscription named user licenses

Includes everything in the Code Search Pro Edition, plus:

Connect via APIs directly to SAP BusinessObjects Server or Crystal Server

Search, compare and document SAP Universe meta-data

Update datasource connections across all or subset of report schedules in a BOE server

Backup all supported files or Universes published to a BOE Server

Support for most version control systems

Mass compare report files and database schema for differences

Runs on Windows Desktop or Server

Always free unlimited support, training and software upgrades

Technical Support

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