• Pro Desktop

    Code Search Pro Desktop 2017 for small to medium business - individual users.

    Named User Licenses on Windows desktop.

    90 day SaaS subscription for extended fully unlocked evaluation or short term project use also available.

    • MPR certified for any Windows client O/S that can run .Net 4.5 ( Vista or newer )
    • Search Business Intelligence Crystal Reports, SAP Dashboards, Oracle reports and SQL Server (SSRS) reports
    • Global Crystal Reports data source changes, set or clear DSN table alias
    • Search all major databases, dB schema and SQL code and database table data
    • Search Office documents Word, Excel and PDF
    • Associate custom file extensions for syntax aware searches by programming language
    • Annotate, save and share results
    • Instant Business Intelligence reports documentation
      • Extract embedded SQL code from Crystal Reports, Oracle or SSRS reports
      • Produce database cross reference reports for Crystal and Oracle reports.

    Version: 18.0.37    Released: Aug 27, 2018

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  • Pro Server

    Code Search Pro Server 2017 for medium to large business - virtual network workgroups.

    Concurrent Access Licenses hosted on a central server.

    All Code Search Pro Desktop features, plus:

    • MPR certified for any Windows Server that can run .Net 4.5 ( 2008 or newer )
    • Certified for hosting on Windows HyperV, VMWare or Citrix Server
    • Sold in 5 concurrent access user packs. Users connect to a central server over Remote or Virtual Desktop
    • Choice of real-time refresh or pre-indexed documents for improved search performance
    • Designed for small workgroups or virtual network environments such as Citrix XEN or Microsoft Terminal Services over RDP
    • Individual private source code index auto-created for each user

    Version: 18.0.37    Released: Aug 27, 2018

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  • 365 Enterprise

    Dev Surge 365 Enterprise 2017 for large business - workgroups, teams and power users.

    Named users on Windows desktops or servers with private individual indexes.

    All Code Search Pro Desktop and Server features, plus:

    • MPR certified for any Windows desktop or server O/S that can run .Net 4.5
    • Compare code files, reports and/or database objects for version differences
    • Native connections to SAP BusinessObjects, Crystal Enterprise, SQL Reporting Servers
      • Support for Crystal Server 2008 through 2016, BOE XI 3.x and Business Objects BI 4.x
      • Search and report on infoview security settings
      • Organized Excel spreadsheet listing of Crystal or SSRS Report distribution schedules
    • Search supported documents within all major software version control systems:
      • Git
      • Subversion
      • Team Foundation Server
      • Visual SourceSafe
    • Software as a Service licensing
    • Individual private source code index auto-created for each user

    Version: 18.0.37    Released: Aug 27, 2018

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  • 365 Ultimate

    Dev Surge 365 Ultimate for large business - medium workgroups to large teams.

    Choice of concurrent or named user licenses. Scalable client-server architecture.

    All Dev Surge 365 Enterprise features, plus:

    • Search source file meta data ( by author, change date, etc. )
    • Advanced team collaboration with increased scalability
    • Share central index, projects, saved search results, annotations and to do lists between users
    • Scheduled offline index crawlers for optimal real-time search performance
    • Highly scalable to support an unlimited number of users, unlimited projects, unlimited objects
    • Software as a Service licensing. Server runs on Windows host with local or remote NoSQL database index. Clients run on any Windows system.
    • Also available in choice of Virtual Machine host or a dedicated pre-configured Network Appliance for ultimate scalability and tuned performance.

    Release Date: 2nd QTR 2018

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  • Community

    Code Search Community Edition - for open source developers.

    A fully integrated software search tool featuring:

    • Boolean or Wildcard search syntax
    • Search both cloud and local MySQL or PostgreSQL databases
    • Search Java, C#, PHP and more
    • Search app logs and data files
    • Include/Exclude files and folders
    • Print or export results
    • Syntax highlighted code viewer
    • Save search settings by project
    • Customizable Windows .net client
    • Eclipse plugin
    • Associate and run any file editor directly from search results

    Latest Version: 18.0.37    Released: Aug 27, 2018

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