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Extract Power BI metadata to manage datasource changes

Power BI metadata contains information on the underlying datasources referenced along with all relevant report design and instructions used to generate report contents.  This metadata also contains source data refresh rates, automated report distribution schedules and much more.  It is the glue that binds the entire Power BI reporting solution together. For a Power BI […]

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Peeling back 3 layers of BI and Analytics software

Three inter-related layers or processes in a robust BI analytics solution can include: a Symantic (meta-data) layer; OLAP cubes; Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) jobs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these and how small changes within any one of them can affect your critical business reports at the top of your BI stack. […]

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Top 3 mistakes that can lead to software project failures

Inexperienced and/or over-eager technology workers often unintentionally increase the risk of software project failures due to three common mistakes: Lack of transparency Over engineering “Shiny objects” One of the biggest challenge with each of these classic mistakes is they often go unnoticed, potentially even rewarded or encouraged by project leaders and project managers … until […]

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How to avoid an Epic fail with incomplete nova release notes

Are you an Epic Clarity change manager responsible for verifying, planning and preparing your healthcare organization for new release upgrades?   Ever run into situations where the distributed Nova Release Notes were incomplete or inaccurate, resulting in a release going live with some unexpected issues you had not been prepared for? To be fair, the Epic […]

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