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  • The average developer spends 75% of their time, or 2000 x .75 = 1500 hours a year working on enhancements.
  • A typical software developer spends 50% of that time, or 1500 x .5 = 750 hours a year performing impact analysis.
  • Find it EZ provides proven savings of between 40% and 80% on impact analysis, for a minimum savings of 750 x .4 = 300 hours each and every year, per developer!

Did you know that 75% of the total cost of ownership for a software application over its useful lifespan is spent on enhancements? Enhancements include:

  • perfective maintenance - adding new functionality to respond to changing business needs
  • adaptive maintenance - porting to new hardware or a different/new operating systems with no functional changes to keep pace with underlying technology advances
  • corrective maintenance - bug fixes and corrupt data repair due to defects

Research also shows that the average developer spends 50% of their time just scanning through code to understand and determine how or where to fix it. This integral part of the enhancement process is virtually an everyday software worker task called impact analysis.

Find it EZ to calculate just how much you could be saving.

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