Benefits of Server Edition

  • View and analyze SQL and client code inter-dependencies
  • Perform full code stack impact analysis for potential changes
  • Document and export reports for all source code files
  • Analyze all external references to databases for dependencies
  • Map dependencies down to the database column level


  • SEARCH - Crystal Reports impact analysis

    Find all references to any database object, field, string, code snippet, variable or data element whenever changes may affect any Crystal RPT files.

  • SEARCH - SAP Dashboards impact analysis

    Find all references to any Xcelsius/Dashboard component property, text, code snippet, variable, Excel data or formula whenever changes are planned.

  • CHANGE - Crystal datasource connections

    Mass update Crystal Report datasource connections and qualified table names any time you need to point or migrate to a different database server.

  • COLLABORATE - annotations & to do lists

    Create task lists from search results. Annotate action items. Save to do lists, mark tasks completed, export change lists to MS Project and much more.

  • DEDICATED - customer service

    Free upgrades and unlimited support with an active software assurance plan.

  • DOCUMENT - analytics code & relationships

    Built in extracts and reports to instantly document your entire Crystal Reports library. RPT definition, Database x-ref, SQL code extracts, plus more.

  • FLEXIBLE - central server deployment

    Performance tuned for virtual desktop network environments, single central server install, concurrent access licensing saves costs for larger teams.

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Hardware requirements

Processor 2.5 GHz
RAM 4 GB + 2GB/User
Disk space (minimum)
Program 80 MB
Data (index) 2GB/User

Supported 64-bit operating systems

Desktop Server
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Software requirements

Microsoft .net 4.7.2 mandatory
SAP 64-bit BOE BI 4.x .net SDK 14.x or newer optional
MS Access 64-bit runtime 2016 or newer optional

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Code Search Pro - Server 2024
License Type
5 Concurrent Users
Productivity software designed for small IT workgroups to collaborate and analyze the full impact of any software change across your entire code-stack with a single tool.

All the features of Pro Desktop, but hosted on a central Windows Server for improved scalability or to support deployment requirements in virtual network environments.
  • Runs on Windows or Citrix Server
  • Designed for Virtual Networks
  • Number of users: up to 12*
  • FREE Software Assurance first year
  • Annualized cost per user $74.92
$2499 USD
Priced per 5 CALs
Annual $499
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Technical Support

1.844.634.6348 ext 2

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