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    Welcome to Find it EZ the premier search, documentation and impact analysis tool for the SAP stack.

      In this demo I will be covering
    • wizards
    • types of repositories
    • searching and search results

    Find it supports searching, comparing, documenting your BI reports and repositories as well as changing the connection information in your reports.

    As a search tool Find it EZ lets you look through your entire software stack for one or more search terms, whether they be table names, column names or even text data.

    In find it EZ we have the concept of Projects. Projects are collections of settings allowing you to quickly switch between repositories with a click of a button. A common scenario is to have one project for Production, one for staging, and one for development.

    Next choose what you want to look for. We support searching Crystal Reports, Xcelcius, database code and a large number of common source code types.

    Next select which repository you want to look in. This can be either a local folder on your machine or network drive, a Business Objects repository or even a source control repository.

    Once configured we ask you want to look for. Here you would enter the names of the tables or procedures or text you want to look for. We also support a boolean syntax that lets you look for multiple items such as User and Customer at the same time.

    You can apply filtering such as Exact match, case sensitity, including comments or comments only.

    Enter your search term, click start search and Find it ez will go off and look for that that in your repository.

    Once the search is complete you will be presented with a list of search results.

    In the top panel is the documents we found a match in. The document name, folder and repository information is shown here as well as the number of matches found.

    When you click on a result the lower panel will display the details of that document. For crystal reports this is our report definition. You will also notice that the search terms that were found are highlighted in context.

    You can move through your matches using the buttons in the top left or search with this document for other items. We support a number of viewers including spreadsheets and data viewers.

    You can also use Find it EZ as a change list tool by marking each result as completed or not. You simpy right click on the item, select Mark completed and a checkmark appears.

    You can also add annotations to each result. For example a description of what needs to be fixed. Then when the results are printed or exported that information can be shared with colleagues.

    As you can see Find it EZ makes searching and impact analysis easy.

    For more information visit our website at or one of these links listed here.

    Thank you for watching.

  • Video Descriptions
    Advanced settings & working with results

    This video provides an overview of features available to work with the main search results panel, built in viewers and launching external editors.

    SAP Partner Product Spotlight

    This video provides an overview of searching and working with search results with adjacent SAP supported products like Business Objects and Crystal Reports.

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