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    Developers, analysts, and IT project managers often face the challenge of implementing changes to a code base consisting of multiple languages, reports, databases and documents. A proposed change may have cascading affects spread across the entire application. Find it EZ mitigates the risk and reduces the cost of making such changes by scanning all of your code with a single, integrated tool.

    This demo will show you how quickly you can:

    • download
    • install, and
    • use the best code search and impact analysis tool available.

    Open a browser and visit, click the TRY IT or Download Now links. You may download using one of our anonymous download links, or by registering. Registration only takes seconds to complete, and gives you the benefits of full support through your trial, guaranteed access to the latest version of our product, as well as the ability to submit feature requests or report a bug report for prompt resolution.

    Once Find it EZ has downloaded, double click the installer to begin. The Find it EZ set-up installs or updates all required software components automatically. Once the installer has completed, you are ready to launch your first search.

    Find it EZ requires limited configuration. Project settings are saved between sessions for re-use. Find it EZ inherits all permissions to files and databases to be scanned based on the user credentials provided for each search, so no special security permissions are gained or lost.

    Launch Find it EZ for the first time by double-clicking the Find it EZ icon on your Desktop, or by navigating to it in your Start Menu. Using the Search Assistant, enter a new Project name and click Next. Choose a search expression type, enter an expression to search, and define your scope and filters, then click Next.

    To search a database, select the type of database you would like to search. All database searches are made using a secure connection. To search source code files, choose the types of languages you use. If you’ve chosen to search a database, enter the database connection information now, then click Next. Enter all directories you would like to search for code files and click Next. You are now ready to search. Click Start Search.

    You can set-up in seconds. Uninstall is just as easy, leaving a clean registry. No dedicated test box. No extra configuration hassles and no security concerns. Go ahead, give it a try and find out what you’ve been missing.

    Visit Find it EZ’s website,, for more information about the benefits of using Find it EZ for your software development projects. Harness the power of more than 10 years of expert development with Find it EZ and start building better code today!

    Thank you for watching.

  • Video Descriptions
    Installation & first search wizard

    This video provides a brief demo on how to download, install and run your first search using the built-in search assistant wizard.

    Basic settings & customizing the screens

    This video provides an overview of finditez projects, database connections, filtering files or database objects, search options and customizing the user interface.

    Find it EZ 2018 - top 10 new features

    This video demonstrates the top 10 new features included in the 2018 release of Find it EZ software editions. All editions have been upgraded as of August 31 2018, including Code Search Pro Desktop, Server and Community along with Dev Surge 365 Enterprise.

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