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    Introducing the top 10 new features in Find it EZ 2018.

    # 1 is a new customization wizard that will automatically run after each software install.  You can also launch this wizard anytime via the Tools -> Customize -> Source menu.

    The customization wizard is used to limit the source shown in the left settings panel.  Your selections should be based on the kinds of tools and technologies used in your software development.  This will filter the corresponding source items displayed for you to configure and use within FinditEZ. 

    Select one or more bundles and expand the selected items in the summary on the right to see what technology is included, for example, with Epic software.  You can also choose individual components. 

    If you add a new database like SAP HANA, select it then click the Apply button and you will notice that it now appears in source settings panel.

    # 2 is a new connector manager.  Use the Tools -> Connector Manager menu. 

    The connector manager prompts you through a series of steps to select, download and install the recommended vendor connector that is compatible with your locally installed software.  A few software vendors require a runtime API or SDK to extract metadata from each product.  

    A green check mark indicates the latest available compatible version is already installed.   You can also use our new online wizards to help choose the recommended version for your specific environment.  

    For example, selecting the DB2 client connector will launch a browser and list a number of tested compatible drivers available.   Follow the download page instructions to install the version matching your locally installed copy of DB2.  In some cases, such as with Crystal Reports or SAP BI Platforms, this will also include selecting the correct service pack.

    # 3 is a new file type association screen.   Use the Tools -> Customize -> Associate File Types menu.   

    This new configuration screen allows you to add custom file extensions each associated with a syntax that you would like find it easy to scan the contents of all filenames using that particular extension.   For example, you can add the extension “CUSTOM” using the syntax for Micrsoft SSRS reports.    Each time you then scan SSRS reports, all filenames with the extension .CUSTOM will also be included in your search or documentation where applicable.

    The new file type settings window also allows you to associate an “open with” program from the FinditEZ search results lists.   You can choose from the built-in FinditEZ viewer, where search matches are highlighted, or a custom program such as NotePad, or the default Windows application associated with that particular extension.   Click the OK button and notice that new file type extension will now be included whenever you search SSRS reports.

    # 4 is a new is a new Options button in the find bar.    This options menu is a replacement for the contents of what used to be in the right-hand panel.

    The purpose of this change was to have more room for displaying contents of search results and details in the main window.  

    # 5 we’ve also changed some items in the File menu.   We have added additional file export options and the ability to choose file types when exporting.

    One new option is “Search result line matches”.  This was formally the contents of the search results detail Excel extract file.   It has simply been renamed.   Then new “Search Results Detail” extract is the color highlighted exact match of the search results detail panel.  

    The search results list can now be exported in various formats.  You can choose to export the results to either Excel or HTML.   Additional formats may be added in future based on demand and where feasible.

    # 6 is new support for SAP Business Objects UNX Universes.  

    This new feature is only available to users of Dev Surge 365.   

    You can now search, document and compare all Universe meta data, including underlying table definitions, SQL queries, joins, filters, measure, dimensions, etc.  Complete support for all Universe content in both the business layer and data foundation layer components.

    # 7 is a new backup utility for SAP business objects documents.  

    This new feature is only available to users of Dev Surge 365. 

    Use the Backup menu, then select any documents to include within a BOE server.  For example, choose Crystal reports, UNX universes, UNV universes, Webi documents, etc.   Copies of the files will be downloaded and stored to a local or network folder and will retain the source folder structure from the BI repository.  This will automatically organize the backup files to match the published folder locations from your BI platform.

    You can chose to automatically overwrite the target backup files, or the clear the target folder before writing files.   Alternatively, if you do not chose either of these options, only new files will be written to the backup folder and updated source files will NOT replace previous backups in the selected target destination.

    An Excel log file will be produced and saved to the target backup folder.   Each processed source file will be listed, along with results of the backup procedure for each file.

    # 8 one of the features we added to all of our databases is the ability to select individual or all schema or owners at run time.   This allows you to essentially set it and forget it when configuring your database connections.   If you add additional schemas or owners, the next time you run FinditEZ, these objects will automatically be included without the need to go back and update configured projects settings.  You will not miss new objects, but you can still select individual subsets of schemes if applicable as a static filter.

    # 9 is enhanced filtering for changing Crystal Reports data-source connections. 

    Use the Replace -> Crystal Reports -> Datasource Connections menu.   Select and optionally pre-filter the source files you wish to change connections on.   Click next and Find it EZ will build a file connections list.  

    From the list, you will see new radial button selections at the top.   “By Connection” option will function as before, changing all reports that use the same connection/table combination.   You can also scroll through this list and chose a subset of table/connections to be updated.

    Alternatively, you may select the “By report and connection” option.  This will allow you to update only a subset of connections by report if desired.  You can also run the wizard multiple times to change different table/connections in the same report to point to new, separate targets.

    … and last but not least, at # 10 we’ve added support for Google cloud database PostgreSQL and upgraded to support the latest DB2 version 11

    For more information, or to download the latest release, please visit one of the following web pages:

    What’s new in this release? -

    User Guides –

    Download Upgrades - ( valid login required )

    Free Trials –

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