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    It’s a business intelligence analyst’s nightmare.

    Any change within a software code stack can cause functional defects, scalability issues, and performance problems within your documentation.

    You might be a healthcare organization relying on a massive library of Crystal or SSRS reports built on Epic Clarity. There’s a new release and suddenly all your custom reports are affected, delaying implementation and severely disrupting your business.

    That can lead to significant remediation costs.

    But that’s where Find it EZ comes in.

    Find it EZ works by automating and expediting change impact analysis with a single integrated tool that supports multiple programming languages, reporting tools, and all your underlying databases.

    Using Find it EZ’s mass compare, you can quickly pinpoint differences between a new software release and your current production reports, database schema or SQL code.

    Quickly and effortlessly.

    Find it EZ – change made simple.

    Download a free trial to get started today.

    Thank you for watching.

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    Better EPIC software release management

    This video provides an overview of how Find it EZ products work and help to improve change impact analysis to ensure smoother, faster software release updates with the Epic EHR and SAP product suites.

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