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  • What is Find it EZ?

    A patented search tool designed to expedite software release changes

    Reduce support costs and cross sell a proven add-on product that delivers real value to your customers.

    Software Release Impacts  What can it search?
  • How does it work?

    Search all of your source code files, databases, reports, documentation, logs and data at once to produce pinpoint accurate software change lists

    SAP Crystal Reports See product demos
  • How will it benefit us?

    • Reduce release support costs: Automated data model change impact analysis
    • Expedite new release adoption cycles: Improved cash flow with faster customer upgrade adoption rates
    • Cross sell and improve customer loyalty: Provide additional benefits to your existing customers
  • How will it benefit us?

    Identify Customer Application Release Dependencies

    You are changing your data model with a new release, what customer reports will be affected?

    Impact Analysis - Release Dependencies
    • Scan an entire report library* in seconds for SQL code snippets or specific database object references with fast, accurate results
    • SQL code or database object references can also be embedded in custom programming language interface files. Find it EZ to search it all!
    • Reduce customer frustration, solve a problem while increasing your customer loyalty
  • How will it benefit us?

    Customer Database Support

    You need to pinpoint the exact source of a poor performing SQL statement located somewhere in OR outside of your core database.

    Edit Database - Database Changes
    • SQL code can be distributed all over customer maintained source code that is accessing your application database. Find it EZ to search it all.
    • Instantly identify external code affecting your core database performance following each release.
    • With native database connections on any platform, find and fix customer install problems, fast.
  • How will it benefit us?

    Expedited Software Support

    You need to get to the root of the problem ASAP, the system is down or corrupting customer data!

    Database Support - Lower Support Costs
    • Savings of up to 80% on troubleshooting software defects, misconfiguration or corrupt data issues.
    • Live database connections to scan SQL code or data on Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.
    • Fast, pinpoint accurate search of all major programming language source code files, application logs, reports and SQL databases in a single pass.
  • How will it benefit us?

    Cross-sell to Maximize Sales

    Grow your business by selling more products to existing customers.

    UpSell CrossSell - Maximize Your Sales
    • Solve release and change management issues for your existing customers by offering a certified compatible utility, the results can be exponential - improving both sales and customer loyalty.
    • Benefit from a lower cost of sales due to more efficient customer acquisition.
    • Your customers also benefit from the efficiency of using a single supplier for multiple products.
  • Reduce your support costs,
    Add new sales revenue

    • Create a new revenue stream with a quality assured add-on for your existing customers.
    • Simplify releases whenever you have a data model change that can affect your customer's reports or other interfaces.
    • Optional OEM packaging with your branding, backed by Find it EZ.
    Software Release Integration Apply Today!
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If you implement, service or include certified compatible products such as SAP Crystal Reports, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or EPIC Clarity then FinditEZ can add significant value to your solutions set - with double-digit margin opportunities.

Maximize revenue and profitability through partner-only resources including dedicated sales support, FinditEZ sponsored campaigns, and qualified sales leads. All approved OEM Partners and Resellers begin with our Gold Partner benefits.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Find it EZ partner.

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