How to Build a Software Reseller Channel Part 2

Its been an exciting last month here at Find it EZ, we’ve finalized a new distribution partnership with the world’s largest technology distributor, Ingram Micro, as well as participated in fascinating new discussions with other expert software solutions providers. The sky is the limit for us, and we’re looking forward to our future.

For my second post in the How to Build a Software Reseller Channel series, I want to dive deeper into two aspects that I believe every successful partner program needs to focus on: the importance of patience and the importance of effective segmentation.

Included in this post will be:

  • Practicing patience – a lesson learned
  • Know who your customers are


Practicing Patience – a lesson learned

In my last post, I stressed the importance of practicing patience in the IT industry. Pushing sales too hard can put off a lot of business professionals, a key fat that I believe every Channel Manager should be aware of. However, an important lesson I learned this past month was that pushing “friendly reminders” can be a very vital aspect within our slow moving industry. As we all know, IT professionals are very busy people with a wide array of tasks on a daily basis. A few weeks back I sent off a couple imperative emails to one of my contacts requesting them to perform an action for our company. Several days passed…and no response, so I sent off a “friendly reminder” email with the subject: Needing your brief attention.

Initially I thought I may be acting a bit impatient and pushy, but once my contact replied he informed me he had indeed read my initial emails the day I had sent them, but had simply forgot to send a reply due to the busy nature of his job role. It was a key learning experience for me because I assumed patience meant stepping back and letting things play out. That simply isn’t the key to success in business. You need to be patient, but you also need to be persistent. The balance of the two can be very tricky to master, but with practice and experimentation the right equilibrium can be reached.


Know Who Your Customers Are

Firms around the world will tell you that profits are single-highhandedly the most important aspect of being in business. However, without effective segmentation it is very difficult to capitalize on your strategies and achieve your sales goals. This past month, after some struggles I took a step back and spent considerable time concentrating my efforts into creating buyer personas. These buyer personas were customer profiles, and fixated on what prospective customers were thinking and doing as they weigh their options and decided to purchase Find it EZ.

I researched our customers and focused on their demographics, company size, revenues, who was making the buying decision, their goals when it came to the use of our product, what challenges our product addressed with regards to their needs, what questions they might have about the usability and value of our products, etc. I also conducted thorough interviews and made a case study to really get into the minds of our customers to fully appreciate how they felt about our offerings. Below is our finished Code Search Pro Desktop persona (click to enlarge):

code-search-pro-desktop-buyer-personaI found this experience to be invaluable, and I would advise all marketers perform this exercise when determining how you’re going to segment your products. Determining a target market isn’t enough, you have to get into the mind of your customers and put yourself in their shoes. Only then will you truly appreciate why customers choose to purchase or not purchase your products. Oh and on a final note, don’t be frustrated if this process takes you days if not weeks. In my humble opinion, if it takes you a day or two to complete this exercise – you’re not doing it right. It takes time to study and understand your clients, just as it takes time to build an effective reseller channel.

About the author

Riley Bell is the Channel Manager for Find it EZ Software Corp. He handles all aspects of marketing at Find it EZ and acts as a facilitator that handles the recruitment, communication, training, and coordination of our reseller channel network.

Riley recently completed a Bachelors of Management Degree from The University of British Columbia Okanagan. Riley loves learning and applying new techniques to continue to grow and strive for excellence.

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