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Do you have hundreds or thousands of reports, some written years ago by employees no longer with your company?   We recently had a client with just such a situation, faced with a tight deadline and a need to identify and change every report with an old company logo to a new one.   Whether that is something you face because the marketing department has a brainstorm for a corporate branding change … or because of a merger & aquisition, this is a very common challenge.

Find it EZ Code Search can search through an entire library of Crystal Reports files to identify all reports that contain images, pictures or blobs.  Instantly and accurately.

Simply configure your Crystal search to scan all RPT files with the following configuration settings:


Then a use a “Boolean Type” search, with default options “search entire document” and no filters checked when you are searching for a specific image by name in the “Find:” expression.
Hint:   If you are unsure of the image name property that was set within your library of Crystal Reports, then perform a “Wildcard” search with expression “*” to return a list of all images within your entire set of Crystal Reports.

If you want to filter your search results to a given section of your reports ( eg, exclude report footers matches ):

  1. Run your full Crystal Reports library search.
  2. Use the File -> Save As -> Search Results Detail … to export & save your results to a spreadsheet document.
  3. Sort the spreadsheet by “Group 2” column, which will include sections such as Page Header, Page Footer.
  4. Delete all that are Page Footer matches.

You can then print, save and re-distribute your filtered results.

NOTE:   Our next release ( 4.5 ), scheduled to be published by end of February 2013, will include the ability to pre-filter Crystal Report sections to be searched ( Report Header/Footer, Page Header/Footer or Detail … within the Main Body and/or Sub Reports ).

Find it easy to implement accurate and complete corporate name changes throughout your entire code-base!

About the author

Ken Gnazdowsky holds a Bachelor of (Computing) Science degree from Simon Fraser University. A recipient of the Governor General of Canada bronze medallion, he began his post-secondary education at Brandon University on an academic scholarship, Ken has worked in the software development industry for over 30 years. Ken is co-founder and President of Find it EZ Software Corp., creators of the Microsoft award-winning products, Code Search Pro and Dev Surge 365.

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