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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Find It EZ give me that Windows ( File ) Search can't already do?

In addition to searching through files on your local Windows client machine Find It EZ Code Search delivers the following benefits:

  • The ability to quickly pinpoint where a match is found within a file, right down the line number! This prevents you from having to painstakingly scan through your search results to find out if a Windows file content search match is actually valid.
  • The ability to search through items outside the scope of Windows search. This includes binary Crystal Report files and relational database content, including data!
  • The ability to setup, save and re-use search options between sessions by using Find it EZ projects. No more having to select directories and options each time you want to perform a search!
  • The ability to annotate, save, export, redistribute, re-use, search within or print results directly from the Find it EZ Code Search client.
  • Find It EZ Code Search is designed specifically for software application developers. Powerful search options include ignoring matches within source code comments, search using regular expression syntax, advanced boolean expression searching ("Company" AND NOT " Name" ), and the ability to display highlighted matches within code or data using the built-in Find It EZ viewers.  
  • Integrating all of the above into a single application you can use on a daily basis, that gives you results you can trust. Relying on a OS utility that can change over time that may or may not work quickly or easily in a future release (i.e. XP Find vs Vista/Windows 7 Search).
Q: What does Find It EZ give me that a standard IDE search feature like Visual Studio or Eclipse "Find In Files" can't already do?

The built in "Find In Files" feature in Visual Studio or Eclipse is very useful and is a great way of searching through source code files within the Solution or Project you are working on.

However, in addition to all the functionality delivered in an IDE project search, Find It EZ Code Search includes the following benefits:

  • The ability to use complicated boolean expressions in your search terms.
  • The ability to search through external resources such as binary Crystal Reports files, application log files and/or Relational Database content at the same time as searching through your core programming language source code.
  • The ability to search through multiple projects and solutions at the same time. Very useful if your project has branched versions!
  • The ability to annotate, save, export, redistribute, re-use, search within or print results directly from the utility.
  • Plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse to launch a browser search on Google or a Find it EZ code search to scan your proprietary codebase behind the firewall, all integrated seamlessly into the IDE with new context sensitive menu options.
Q: Can I search non-Windows based file systems or databases using Find It EZ?

Yes. Find It EZ uses .NET native database connections and supports searching cloud database Microsoft SQL Azure, all Amazon RDS databases, as well as support for multi-platform DBMS' such as Oracle®, DB2® LUW and MySQL® that run on Linux and other non-Windows operating systems.

When it comes to file-based searches, Find It EZ supports searching through any network share. As such, although native support to search Linux file systems is not built in, you can define and access supported files ( .rpt, .c, .html, .txt, etc. ) using Samba network shares for example.

Q: Is there a non-Windows based version of Find It EZ?

No, Find It EZ is a Windows .NET application. However, we may look at porting it to run on a Linux desktop with support for Mono applications, depending on market demand.

Q: What is the minimum user security level required for the database modules

The user account must be able to read both the system tables and the objects within the Database you are searching. This varies by DBMS. Please contact your DBA or consult your products documention. (for example in SQL server your user needs db_datareader access to the database)

Without proper permissions your search will either fail or return far fewer results than expected.

Q: When I try to scan an Access database I get the message "It does not appear the Microsoft Access Database Engine is installed on your machine" even though Find it EZ shows I have the connector installed

Under some conditions the Microsoft Access Database Engine can be registered on your system but not be made active. Please download a compatible copy from our website and try again. The setup package will properly register all required components.

Q: I am using the Professional edition to scan Crystal Reports within a BOE repository's physical file system.   My search results have weird object names like:  \\REPORT_SERVER\...\7f448d23e877cef.rpt   How am I supposed to identify the report file without the original name I saved it under?

To use Find it EZ Professional when running a disk file-based search of the RPT files stored within a Business Objects or Crystal Reports Enterprise repository, you will need to create a cross reference from the Enterprise encrypted filename to original Windows filename.  This can be performed as follows:

  1. Run the following SELECT statement in the Crystal Management Console Query Builder:
    SELECT top 100000 SI_NAME, si_files
    WHERE SI_KIND = 'CrystalReport'
    AND si_instance=0
  2. SAVE the resuls as a TEXT file
  3. Use this Crystal Report file to process the file saved in order to format the output as a PDF document, or export as an EXCEL spreadsheet.

  4. For more information on the Crystal Management Console Query Builder, see these postings:

Syntax and Examples

Search Syntax Examples

Find it EZ Source Code Analyzer, search using Boolean ExpressionsBoolean Expressions

Find it EZ Source Code Analyzer, search using Wildcard ExpressionsWildcard Expressions

Find it EZ Source Code Analyzer, search using Regular ExpressionsRegular Expressions

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